Saturday, 13 February 2016

Printer's Waste

Phi. 00848In Euangelistam Matthaeum commentarii tribus tomis digesti.  Basileae : ex officina Heraugiana, per Eusebium Episcopium, 1567.

The last blog post was about pages from a medieval manuscript Missal being utilised as pastedowns in a copy of Vital de Four’s Speculum Moralae printed by Jean de Moylin in Lyon in 1513 (ODS 00446).  In this book from the Phillips collection, a commentary on the Gospel of St Matthew printed in Basil in 1567, the pastedowns are formed from printer’s waste, with pieces of medieval manuscript reused to strengthen the book’s joints.   Coincidentally the sheets of printer’s waste used for this purpose, are taken from another copy of Vital du Four's Speculum Moralae, printed by Jean de Moylin in Lyon in 1513.  The same printing as ODS. 00446!


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