Saturday, 6 February 2016

A paper covered text book

Bur. 03080 - Bythner, Victorinus - Clavis linguae sanctae : universas voces Pentatevchi sententiis Biblicis comprehendens, earumq; analysin criticè exhibens. Usui eorum qui abditos sacris archivis thesauros recluderent, excusa / Operâ - Cantabrigiae : Ex. officina Rogeri Daniel, almae academiae typographi, 1648

Bur. 03080 is in Octavo pamphlet in Thomas Burgess’ library, a key to understanding Biblical Hebrew printed in the middle of the seventeenth century by Roger Daniel the printer to the University of Cambridge.  This rather dusty text book was probably given its attractive red and green block printed paper cover, fifty or sixty years after it was printed, in the early years of the eighteenth century.  Papers of this sort where produced throughout Europe in the eighteenth century, with Italy and France being particularly centres for the art.[1]  

The pamphlet may have been bound around 1716 when Charles Conner acquired it, he has left his name and date inked on the title page.  The decorated paper has been pasted to the flyleaves to make a fairly robust cover, this finish and the decorative quality of the paper suggests that the binding was intended to last.   At some point the spine has also been covered with other material, perhaps vellum (?), but this has now gone leaving a layer of glue and exposing the overcast sewing structure of the pamphlet.   


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